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High Pressure Steam Sterilizer Horizontal Cylindrical

High Pressure Steam Sterilizer Horizontal Cylindrical
High Pressure Steam Sterilizer Horizontal Cylindrical
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Product Description

High Pressure Steam Sterilizer Horizontal Cylindrical

The sterilizer is based on the principal of downward displacement of air which is the most economical method of obtaining sterilization. Rigid construction designed for all types of sterilization commonly needed in Medical, Agriculture and Pharmaceutical Institutions for sterilizing hospital dressings, rubber, linen, plastic material, surgical instruments, glass wares etc.


Triple walled with separate boiler inner chamber and steam jacket are made of thick stainless steel sheet of 304 grade with leak proof argon-arc welding. Outer chamber is also made of thick stainless steel.

Back plate and ring is also made of thick stainless steel sheet. All the sterilizers are hydraulically tested to withstand 2.5 times the working pressure. Mounted on tubular steel frame with ground leveling screwed flange. The outer jacket is wrapped with asbestos sheet or glass wool to minimize the heat losses due to radiation and is covered by polished stainless steel sheet. Boiler is made from thick stainless steel sheet suitable located under the sterilizer.

Steam Generator:
Made of heavy stainless steel sheet.  Heavy ring mounted in front of the boiler with folding thick stainless steel plate is fitted with heating elements and low water cut off device to protect from burning out dry. Fitted with water gauge glass for water level indication, water inlet, safety valve and drain valves. A heat resistant neoprene rubber gasket is provided for totally safety of the instrument.

Pressure Control:
Provided with PIEZOSTAT which economics the power consumption and reduces the frequent opening of the steam release valve and thus prevents the release of steam in the room. It cuts off the poser supply to heaters when the set pressure is achieved and re-energies the heater when pressure falls down.

Heating Elements:
Flanged type immersion heating elements are made of high grade material and duly ISI marked.

Safety Door:
The sterilizer has single piece self locking safety door made of stainless steel sheet which can not be opened when the door is under pressure. The self locking device automatically disengages the thread mechanism when the sterilizer is under pressure to preclude any eventuality of accident.

Two separate valves are provided for evacuating air and steam from inner chamber and jacket. A steam trap is fitted in the inner chamber discharge line to eliminate the condensate automatically. Panel consists of pressure control switch, main on/off switch, indicators, relays etc. The sterilizer is provided with triple safety. First with pressure control switch, two nos. spring loaded safety valves and dead weight safety valve. A PLUG SCREEN prevents the discharge line from chocking and it can be removed for cleaning. A power full ejector circulates the air throughout the chamber.

Operating Temperature and Pressure:

Sterilizing Temp.                        1200C
Sterilizing Pressure                    1.2 to 2 kg./sq. cm.
Load                                         6.0 to 12.0 KW
Power Requirement                   Suitable to work on 440 Volts 50 Hz, 3 Phase AC only.

Available Sizes:-

Dia    x       Depth                      Electric Load                                     Capacity
400  x     600 mm                       6.0 KW                                               88 Ltr.
400  x   1000 mm                       9.0 KW                                               162 Ltr.
500  x     900 mm                       9.0 KW                                               165 Ltr.
500  x   1200 mm                       9.0 KW                                               221 Ltr.


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